ScoutTV: Brandan Kearney Talks MSU

ScoutTV: Brandan Kearney Talks MSU

After an easy win over Detroit Osborn, caught up exclusively with one of the top prospects for 2010, Southeastern guard Branden Kearney about his season, his team prospects for the PSL playoffs and his interest in Michigan State

DETROIT - continues crisscrossing the state, watching all the top prospects for the 2010 and 2011 classes. Yesterday, top 2011 prospect Brandan Kearney lead his team to a 55-41 win over Detroit Osborn.

Michigan State has been watching Kearney for years with eyes looking ahead to the pivotal 2011 recruiting class.

Kearney flies under the radar when it comes to the top prospect because he often defers to his teammates, like fellow sophomore, 6-foot-8 center Percy Gibson, 6-foot-9 center Darren Washington, 6-foot-0 Branden McKay and 5-foot-10 Devonte Cater.

But teams like the fact that Kearney looks to distribute first and then get his teammates involved. Another teammate that gets a look: 6-foot-7 forward William Gholston, better known for his exploits on the gridiron.

But Kearney spoke exlusively to following the contest and talked about his team's drive for a spot in the PSL playoffs and the interest that Michigan State is showing in his game.

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