MSU to have new alternate uniforms

MSU to have new alternate uniforms

Spartans a part of the new Nike "Hyper Elite Dominance" line and it even has Izzo excited

Michigan State will be wearing alternate uniforms for the second straight Saturday game when it faces Georgetown.

Again an old "State" script will be on the front, but this time, the uniforms will be bronze.

It is a part of Nike's latest line called "Hyper Elite Dominance" and the Spartans will wear theirs at Madison Square Garden on Saturday afternoon.

"It's something different," sophomore Gary Harris. "Not everybody gets the chance to wear the uniforms or get the shoes we have. We are thankful and we like to be able to wear stuff like that. It's a privilege."

A Nike public relations director tweeted a photo of the seven teams' uniforms, including Michigan State's, on Thursday.

MSU coach Tom Izzo said he had seen the prototype, but hadn't seen the real thing yet. Still, he was excited despite his old-school approach to college basketball – or maybe because of it.

"You know why I like it?" he said. "I come down and the players are fired up. If a uniform makes them feel good and it gives me a little more leverage to get after them, I'm cool with that."

Harris, too, had forgotten what the uniform looked like, but the matching shoes stuck with him.

"I forget what the uniforms look like," he said. "but from the looks of the shoes, it looks like they are going to be pretty nice.

"I'm a shoes guy. Shoes and socks, but I love the shorts, too. I love it all." Recommended Stories