Daughter reminded Dantonio about trickery

Daughter reminded Dantonio about trickery

Coach's oldest daughter, Kristen, received fist bump following fake punt against Iowa.

The sideline celebration following Michigan State's was widespread and understood, but coach Mark Dantonio finished his celebration with a smile and fist bump – with his daughter, Kristen.

She did not call the play, however, as some joked she might have.

Dantonio did say she reminded him about trickery before he called it.

"She did say to me, ‘Hey, Dad, Dad, don't forget the trickery' and I said, ‘It's coming.'

"So after that got done, I walked over and gave her a little fist bump."

The Spartans called the trick play to open the fourth quarter as punter Mike Sadler ran for 25 yards from the MSU 37-yard line on a fourth-and-7.

Dantonio said after the game the played was called "Hey, Diddle, Diddle" and Tuesday said special teams coach Mike Tressel came up with the name.

"I said how did you come up with that and he finished the riddle, 'send Sadler up the middle,'" Dantonio said.

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