Season First, Then Visits for Gibbs

Season First, Then Visits for Gibbs

Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) senior defensive tackle Kenton Gibbs has seen his options continue to grow since de-committing from Illinois, but recruiting is far from a focus, as his team is just one week away from the playoffs, and not where he wants them to be right now.

Focused firmly on the season, Kenton Gibbs has not taken any visits during the season, and after his team lost last week to Detroit King, recruiting is not even a consideration for the highly regarded defensive tackle right now.

"With the way my team is going, I don't have time to focus on anything but being a better leader, being a better player, as an individual and as a team player," he explained.

Gibbs says his status as a senior and a leader on the team makes him feel more responsible for how this team performs down the stretch.

"Very much so. They don't judge a team by the juniors or the sophomores or the guys that are supposed to be playmakers if they're not seniors. The onus of getting a team together falls on the seniors and the onus of making big plays when big plays are needed falls on the seniors. Whether I do that or not, it doesn't matter if we don't win."

Gibbs recently added an offer from Cincinnati, and there is another school that is starting to pick it up with him.

"I pretty much hear from all the schools since the last time we talked (Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Cincinnati), and Michigan State has come on strong lately."

Once Cass has finished its season, then Gibbs will be able to take visits.

"I was supposed to make an unofficial to Indiana last week, but that kind of fell through, so I haven't taken any unofficials or officials. After the season, most definitely. I want to get a feel for the different campuses and I want to find out about the different schools so I can see which school is the best fit for me."

And Gibbs expects to use his full allotment of official visits.

"I feel like I'll take all five, because, the list of schools, if I could take more than five, I probably would, but, the way the rules are, I'm going to take five and those are the schools I definitely want to know more about."

On those visits, there will be a few things he is looking for, as he works towards a final decision.

"The strength and conditioning coach, the defensive line coach, a winning program and it just has to feel like home." Recommended Stories